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Talulla is now available! I'm so excited to see this one finally hit the shelves. It's book 9 of the 10 book Love Train series, though the stories are all totally stand alone. The participating authors all started with the same premise - the couple all meet on board a Union Pacific train and their romance is helped along with the aid of a matchmaking conductor. Fun, right?

In my book, Tally and Max are the heroine and hero. They were childhood friends but a tragic accident that resulted in the death of Tally's brother drove them apart. Tally convinces her father to send her away to boarding school halfway across the country and she's never looked back. Twelve years later Tally's father convinces her to come home to fetch some pearls she's inherited. Max, now a widowed father traveling with his seven year old daughter, coincidentally (or is it??) is on the same train. Thanks to the conductor, Max and Tally end up in the same Pullman section. Which means, of course, the pair are forced to face their issues with each other and just maybe heal their rift.

You can see the cover below - isn't it gorgeous! The image captures the way I pictured Talulla perfectly! And if you want to see the way I picture Max, check out the book's Amazon page (link below).



Will returning home bring Talulla the peace that's eluded her for half her life?

Ten-year-old Talulla watched in horror as her beloved brother fell through the ice while trying to save her. Thanks to the quick actions of Max, her brother's closest friend, she survived. Her brother didn't. When she overhears Max and her father discussing that she's to blame, Talulla feels betrayed by those she thought she could most trust. A boarding school becomes her refuge, and she never looked back. Until now.

Widowed father Max is traveling home with his young daughter. Unfortunately, a bad case of travel sickness overtakes the little girl, and Max turns to the conductor for help. When the man finds a passenger willing to share her Pullman section, Max is relieved-until he discovers their benefactor is Talulla, a woman whose last words to Max were an impassioned I hate you.

Can these two find a way to push past their mutual distrust to regain the friendship they once shared. And perhaps something more…

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