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2017-07 CAN Scavenger Hunt Stop # 06
published on 7/16/2016

Welcome to Stop # 6 on the CAN Summer Scavenger Hunt.

I’m very excited to be hosting award winning author Kathy Collard Miller on this stop. It was fun getting to know more about her and her work, and I know you’re going to enjoy it too.
Kathy has been in a writing and speaking ministry for a long time and is the author of 52 books (and counting) and has spoken in 8 foreign countries and 32 U.S. states. She lives in Southern California with her husband and is the mother of two and grandmother of two. Welcome her!

1. I notice your speaking ministry and writing ministry are very closely aligned. Which of the two came first for you? And what inspired you to take the leap and actually invest the time and energy to begin this ministry?

You are right, Winnie, they are so closely aligned, it’s very difficult to separate them. But I’ll have to say writing because I first wanted to be a writer in junior high. I had no idea what it meant to be a writer and as 

far as the ministry part of it, I wasn’t even a Christian then. But I loved words and writing down my thoughts.

Then I became a Christian at age 18, married the boy who led me to the Lord, but marriage was far from the joy-filled experience I dreamt about. In fact, by the time we’d been married 7 years, I hated him so much that I prayed the plane he was flying would crash! And I took my anger out on our two-year-old little girl to the point that I knew I was physically abusing her. I almost committed suicide because God wasn’t giving me the instantaneous deliverance I prayed for.

2. Oh my, that’s a hard story to hear. What in the world happened?

Instead of God giving me an instantaneous deliverance, he delivered me through a process of growth. He taught me little by little how to control my anger and choose to love my husband. As a result, I became the patient mom I wanted to be and God restored the love in our marriage.

God then awakened my desire to write and I wrote an article describing how God had delivered me—but published anonymously! When the article was accepted, I told someone at church about it and she said I should tell my story to our mother’s group. I refused! I hadn’t told anyone about my struggle. But by the time the group leader called me, God had given me courage and I spoke to 120 young moms. That was in 1980. I had no idea all that God would do, like forming it into a ministry.

2. I’m sure my readers will be curious…what happened to the daughter whom you abused?

Yes, everyone is curious about that, of course. And I praise God that He healed the relationship between my daughter and I. She is now 41 and calls me her best friend. She’s a strong Christian, married, and her second child is due this Fall. Grandchildren! They’re the best!

And Larry and I recently celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. He’s my best friend and we write and speak together also. We often speak at couples’ events and retreats.

3. After being in ministry for so long, has God opened up any new opportunities lately that have surprised you?

Yes, as a matter of fact. I recently went through a time of being unsuccessful in finding a publisher for my books. But then the Lord unexpectedly opened the floodgates. Elk Lake Publishing gave me contracts for 5 non-fiction books. And one of the contracts gives me the joy of expanding my Daughters of the King Bible Study series that came out originally in the 1990’s. I’d always wanted to add commentary to that very successful 12 book series. So I’m going to be giving away to the winner of our scavenger hunt the newly revised and expanded Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study series. It’s a study appropriate for individuals and groups. Each lesson contrasts two different women of the Bible. Here are the lesson topics.

1. Rebekah and Rahab: believing God’s sovereignty
2. Job’s Wife and the Woman of Shunem: trusting God’s goodness
3. Jezebel and Deborah: using God’s power and influence
4. Naomi and the Syrophoenician Woman: praying powerfully
5. Gomer and the Forgiven Woman: taking hold of forgiveness
6. Sarah and Lydia: obeying God’s plan
7. Sapphira and the Samaritan Woman: choosing honesty
8. Bathsheba and Hannah: dealing with temptation
9. Miriam and Leah: struggling with jealousy and discontent
10. Martha and Mary: practicing God’s presence.

4. How was God’s unexpected open doors meaningful to you?

God always has a plan and never stops using us. I’m a little older and during that dry time, I wondered if God was saying my ministry was over. And maybe someday it will be and He’ll use me in other ways. But right now, He still wants me to write and speak. I’m so grateful.

Winnie, if any of your readers think God has given up on them because He seems to be changing the plan or is even shutting down the original plan, we can trust He’ll do what brings Him glory. He never stops using us even if it’s not through a formal “ministry.” Everything we do is ministry because we are representing the Lord.

Interestingly, although God gave me those opportunities, He’s also been adding to the plan because my husband and I now spend more time giving “soul care” as lay-counselors.

5. When youre not writing or speaking, what do you do for fun or what is your favorite self-indulgence?

Chocolate!!!! And I confess, desserts! Oh, and movies! Although I’m selective, I love watching a good movie while munching on buttery popcorn and sipping a diet soda. Just give me the popcorn and no one will get hurt!

6. What would the folks reading this be most surprised to learn about you?

Great question! The answer is…I sky-dived! I still can’t believe I did that. But when I happened to mention to my sister-in-law that I had always wanted to do that, she said, “Me too!” So we JOINED TOGETHER (hint! hint! There’s the Scavenger phrase!) to give each other courage and my son joined us too.

But don’t ask me to bungee-jump! That’s too dangerous. LOL

7. How can my readers check out more information about you?

I love to hear from people. Anyone can contact me through:
Facebook: https.//

By the way, I’m the next stop on the Scavenger Hunt, and besides giving away a copy of Choices of the Heart to the Scavenger Hunt’s grand prize winner, I’m also having a drawing on my own blog to win THREE of my books:

1. Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today

2. Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries

3. Why Do I Put So Much Pressure on Myself and Others?

Put your name into that drawing on my blog.

See you there!  And thanks, Winnie, for hosting me.

Thank you Kathy for that really fun interview.

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Winnie Griggs said: Delores & Debora I'm so sorry about the broken link. It's fixed now.

Cheryl said: What a powerful testimony!

Karen Hadley said: Thank you for sharing and being apart of this scavenger hunt.

Caryl Kane said: Hello Winnie and Kathy! Kathy, thank you for sharing your testimony.

Becky Smith said: 1What a wonderful testimony! Another new author to me! I LOVED that you married the boy who led you to the Lord!! This was such a good interview! Thank you

Kathy Collard Miller said: Thank you, Cheryl, Karen, Caryl, and Becky for commenting here. I really appreciate your support and your encouragement. Yes, Becky, it is fun to have such a history with Larry all the way back to being seniors in high school and then him leading me to the Lord. I even have a photo of us at the high school graduation overnight party--at Disneyland! Yes, we lived then and now in Southern California. Thank you all and thank you again, Winnie, for hosting me. It's been a lot of fun.

Carol Edwards said: Thanks for sharing and participating in the hunt.


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